Set error log in php

Hello folks, i wasn’t active on blog so much these days, cause i was on vacation with my family and had really great time!

I was thinking what will be interesting topic to write about and made a decision to go with something easy but something that is required as mandatory in every web application developed in PHP. Continue Reading →

14. May 2012 by admin
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Login simple with Zend_Auth

Almost every Web application today need a way to track information about their users, actions and behaviors. Best way to accomplish this is to authenticate user so you can keep more detailed information about what user do and what are users habits. There are lot of ways to implement login authentication, but in this post we will focus on how to do implement this using Zend_Auth  library.

In following example we will assume that you are going to implement authentication in Zend Framework application but you can use Zend_Auth independently in any PHP application. Continue Reading →

24. April 2012 by admin
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Read Word and PDF files from PHP

In most of the big web applications we will have to deal more or less with file manipulations. Sometimes we need to create some config files, create PDF files for generating reports or reading XML feed and parsing data. Since most of the servers that host PHP are Linux based, real question here will be, how we can read Windows files, for example .doc or .docx files created in Word or PDF file in order to retrieve data from given files? Fortunately for us, there is a couple solutions to accomplish this. We will here present the most simple ones. For reading Word files we will use antiword. Installing antiwordon Linux system is really  strength forward cause antiword is in most of Linux repositories. So, we can for example install it on Ubuntu via: Continue Reading →

18. April 2012 by admin
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Redirect non-www to www

You have worked hard on your web application and now its time to go live with it. I presume that your first step was to buy domain name for your web application, then you should consider where to host your application. Lets assume that you have some VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Dedicate Server, then you point domain to IP address of your server and that’s is, you hooked domain with server. Next setup virtual host on Apache for domain and you are ready to go.

But what is wrong, you could get in situation that your website appear on both urls and and that could be the problem. Continue Reading →

15. April 2012 by admin
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Javascript debugging

In developing Web 2.0 applications you can use various server solutions such as PHP, Ruby, ASP.NET, Perl, Java, Coldfusion, but what is unique for all those applications is that they can’t live without Javascript!

There are applications that have only few snippets of Javascript code, but modern Web 2.0 applications are full with Javascript. Some development companies write their own javascript functions, which is rarely cause most of them using well known javascript libraries like JQuery, Mootools, ExtJs, Prototype, etc. Continue Reading →

14. April 2012 by admin
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